Buddha a jeho učení

Buddha a jeho učení

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Buddha and his teachings

Narada Maha Thera

Language: czech

This work is one of the best introductions to the Buddha's teachings in the East. It contains answers to the questions that plague people today, or provides instructions on how to arrive at these answers on your own. It also presents a concrete criterion for recognizing true doctrine and obtaining guidance for correct behavior. They are the questions that the Buddha asked his son Rahula and the devotee Visakha: Will this lead to the removal of my suffering, my neighbor's suffering, or both? Does the proclaimed teaching or phenomenon lead to tranquility, mental balance, joy in solitude and higher knowledge? Here, the author admirably summarized the essentials from more than twenty thousand pages of texts. Despite its scope, his selection did not suffer from the completeness and vividness of the presented image of the Buddha and his teachings and life in India in the fifth century before Christ.

We believe that even the Czech reader will find enough stimuli to improve his life in the amount of collected material. The real benefit - as the author emphasizes in the preface - can be achieved through the systematic implementation of the Dhamma: the adjustment of one's behavior (sila) conditions a better use of the mind (sati and samadhi) in working on what we consider to be a more permanent good for ourselves and others.

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