Dhammapada - Buddhova slova

Dhammapada - Buddhova slova

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Dhammapada - Words of the Buddha

Translation from Pali: Bhikkhu Gavésakó and Štěpán Chromovský

Language: czech


Release year: 2013

Number of pages: 139

Download: here

Distribution: DHARMA-ZDARMA

The text of the Dhammapada is part of the Pali canon Tipitaka, it is found in a section called Khuddaka-nikaya, which contains shorter texts of the Sutta-pitaka. It contains 423 verses arranged thematically in 26 chapters. Many of these verses, which are concise summaries of the Buddha's teachings, are among the best known in the Buddhist countries of Southeast Asia, and many Buddhists can recite them by heart. Therefore, in this new translation, we have chosen a different form of presentation: the Pali text on one side and the Czech text on the other, while the Czech translation follows the original line by line as faithfully as possible. Those interested can memorize individual verses both in Pali and in Czech. The transcription of Pali (which was a spoken language without its own script) was adapted to the Czech language for easy reading, with the exception of some diacritical marks that are not important for our pronunciation. The verses have been left uncommented, although they are sometimes ambiguous and can be interpreted differently. May readers approach this text in a contemplative manner and use it as wise counsel in their lives and meditation.

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